View Full Version : Planning stage for PC retro HARDCORE series-

09-11-2015, 18:13
VSCR has been racing for 2 years now, starting with rF2, now with AC and adding pCars for a Tuesday 18:00 GMT (1 PM Eastern time) series.

Not another easy series- something a little more challenging (http://vscr.createaforum.com/project-cars/pcars-retro-series-not-another-dry-track-cookie-cutter-series)

-pCars for rain.
-real damage
-random weather
-clutch and h-shifter preferred
-hard as hell
-long (1-2 hours) races
-penalties for not using clutch and not using an h-shifter

This is the sort of racing I like, so this is the planning stage for a VSCR pCars series to be held at 9:00PM Eastern US time on a variety of pCars tracks- retro and modern. Right now Monday and Friday nights are in consideration

Anyone want in? Let me know what cars grab you. I am very partial to either Group 5 or BMW M1 cars. Sign up at www.virtualsportscarracing.com if you are interested in a difficult afternoon series.


17-11-2015, 01:02
At the forum the conversation has begun. We're going to incorporate rain (pCars is the best current gen sim for non-ideal weather) and it's looking like races will be about 1 hour long. The classes we're looking at:

Group 5
Group A
or some of the vintage open wheelers

I'm partial to the M1 myself, though Gr5 is tough and fun to drive. When that turbo kicks you in the pants, hold on!

17-11-2015, 06:50
A strange choice of start time, won't that massively limit participation?

17-11-2015, 14:09
It may in the US, but in the US there are less sim racers. This time allows for Europeans to join, as well as sim racers further East (I have raced with several people in Aus/NZ who race very early in the morning and may join).

What day/time would work best for you?

22-11-2015, 19:20
Well, Tuesday is not popular, so how about Friday or Monday at 9PM Eastern time here in the US? Also, though clutch and h-shifter are preferred, not enough people have them so use what you have.