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10-11-2015, 11:33
Hi all unsure if this has been reported or if its just me etc..

i use the tx rim, managed to get it all setup perfectly whilst the car is on the track its a dream to drive really is.

However the issues arise when i either hit a bollard / barrier or come off the track and my tx wheel just has an absolute fit. the FFB is very very strong in large pulses this occurs until the car is settle with the wheels of the car pointing straight and im stationary.

The FFB can be even when the car is not moving but against the barrier.

Is this really all intended.. its putting me off using my wheel i dont want it to break it or damage it.

My wheel is running the 49 firmware im aware theres the new 50 and i will be upgrading one night this week but still.. even before this firmware it was acting the same..

Any ideas to what can be done or is this normal and if so, surely it needs to be looked in to.

apologies if dupe thread i couldnt see anything on here at the time of posting.

Thanks all in advanced.

10-11-2015, 17:29
You're gonna need to post your FFB settings in order for people to help. Without that, no one can really tell what's going on. Start with your global settings. Post the values from both screens, particularly anything you've changed. There's no real need to post the default values.

Dynomight Motorsports
11-11-2015, 11:55
I've had some issues of the (TX) FFB dropping out now between sessions. Since Patch 5 I've had 2 league races where I've lost FFB going from Warm-up to Race session. Absolutely nothing to do with snapping apps or anything as its simply going from one session to another normally. It's not all the time, but it's very difficult to be competitive when you go from FFB to non-existent FFB.
On the other hand, sometimes I've come into a session and my FFB is 2-3x the strength and barely turn-able, and the TX needs to be recycled.

So Dev's need to look into some issues with the (TX) wheel still apparent since Patch 5.0 usually just going to a different session or exiting the Pit Box/Garage. As I've had more problems with FFB issues after 5.0 than I have since they fixed the App-Snap issue in the previous patches. Because now the FFB issues for the TX are not consistant and happen without any warning.