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11-11-2015, 07:14
Thought I'd start a thread where I post my YouTube videos rather than having multiple threads.
I mostly like to do hot lap videos and set challenges for others to have a go at.
If you do attempt any let me know the link, I'd love to check them out.

First up is a last to first challenge at the Catalunya GP circuit in the McLaren 12C GT3 in a thunderstorm.
4 laps, 24 other cars, same class, set at a skill level of 80.


12-11-2015, 19:39
One of my favourite YouTube channels in the build up to the release of Project CARS was Rene Rast's, really loved watching a pro driver using the game.
When I got it myself, I really wanted to test myself against Rene, here is the result around Silverstone in the F1 car. Rene himself gave it the thumbs up :)


21-11-2015, 12:46
I had a request to do a video using the Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM so thought I'd use that for my latest last to first challenge around the Hockenheim GP circuit.

4 Laps
20 Opponents
Same Class
Skill Level 80

It's a DLC car which I don't normally buy but glad I did, really enjoying the DTM, reminds me of my days playing Toca Race Driver 2.
Here's the video, give it a go, it's a fun challenge.


23-11-2015, 22:16
My latest hot lap video.
As I was using the C-Coupe DTM in the last to first challenge, I thought I'd do a hot lap too around the Hockenheim GP circuit.
Really wanted to get into the 1:34's but just shy at the moment.


25-11-2015, 07:17
I thought I'd do something different with my latest video and have started a new series called Gamer Vs Race Driver.
In these videos I'll be testing myself against real onboard footage of pro drivers using the same car and track.
First up it's DTM driver Gary Paffett in the Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM around Hockenheim.


26-11-2015, 21:04
Downloaded the new Lotus track expansion earlier.
I'll be doing every combination of car and track in the coming days but first up is the Lotus 49C Cosworth around Rouen Les Essarts.


29-11-2015, 19:10
Another video of the Lotus DLC, this time the Lotus Type 40 Ford around the Hockenheim Classic track.
Really liking these old cars now.


01-12-2015, 00:14
Episode 2 in my Gamer Vs Racing Driver series, episode 3 is already on my YouTube channel.
Here I take on Jenson Button's onboard lap at the Silverstone GP circuit. Very close!


06-12-2015, 22:36
The real Pagani Zonda R record around the Nordschleife track is 6:47:50
Today I set a new XBox One record of 6:28:541


23-12-2015, 07:26
Been trying out the new Renault Sport DLC, will try to do a video of each car in the coming days but first up, it's the Renault Megane Trophy V6 around the Nordschleife. Really nice car to drive, no changes made to the stock set-up for this lap, just wanted to see how it came in the game.


23-12-2015, 20:28
The second car from the Renault Sport Car Pack that I take for a blast around the Nordschleife is the awesome R.S. 01.
Love this car and did a 6:36 on stock settings, I'm sure I can beat beat my Zonda R time with a bit of set-up.


26-12-2015, 06:07
Hey Gregin8er, hope you don't mind me posting in here but I gave your last to first challenge at Catalunya a go. I commented on your Youtube video but it doesn't allow to link the video there.

Thanks for the challenge, keep em coming :)

29-12-2015, 14:57
Thanks for giving it a go Spidey, watched the video earlier and added a link to your video in the description of mine.
Just uploaded my latest challenge, the next post, and will have lots more coming soon so hope you enjoy giving some of those a go too.

29-12-2015, 15:03
My latest video is up and this is a new type of challenge that I'll be doing where you have to lap a circuit in under a certain time in the chosen car.
For the first one I've used the latest free car, the Radical RXC Turbo and challenge anyone to lap the Nordschleife in it in under 7 minutes.
The only rule being that the lap has to be clean according to the game, if it is invalidated for any reason, it doesn't count.
I've used cockpit cam and no assists as I do in all my videos.
If you complete the challenge, let me know on YouTube and I'll post a link to your video in the description.
Good luck!


01-01-2016, 15:33
My latest video is a hot lap of Imola in the BMW Z4 GT3. I'm in a Facebook group called Project CARS Global Time Attack and this is for the current event. Join up if you have the game, it's multi-format and you don't need to video your laps.
Anyway, here's the vid, I did a 1:43:495 with all assists off.


02-01-2016, 22:36

03-01-2016, 12:20
Hey Greg, I had a crack at you Imola hot lap.


04-01-2016, 17:49
I finally got round to trying out some online racing and it was as fun and frustrating as I expected.
I haven't had a good enough race to make a full video of yet but here's an example of the sort of dirty driving I was worried about.
I took most of the lap to carefully catch him, made a perfect pass, only to be nudged off the track, then rammed twice. Luckily I kept it going to finish 2nd, while the other driver I think was disqualified.


08-01-2016, 07:43
Finally had an awesome online race with clean drivers, no bumping and nice clean passes.
Unfortunately I didn't have my Elgato connected so no onboard footage but I did record the replay which looks great.
I don't know him but respect to OptimusPrime957 who I spent most of the race battling against and not once did he bump or barge me.


12-01-2016, 19:32
Set another last to first challenge earlier, this one in the 250cc Superkarts around the Brands Hatch Indy circuit.
Took longer than I expected as one small mistake costs you dear but I really enjoyed doing this one, the karts are great fun to drive.
If you complete the challenge and have a video, let me know on YouTube and I'll put a link to your video in the description of mine.
Good luck.


14-01-2016, 18:28
Finally managed to film episode 4 of my Gamer Vs Racing Driver series.
In the latest episode I take on the pole position lap of Luca Pastorelli in the Italian GT3 championship.
To be honest, this was a bit too easy but with a gap of just 0.2 sec at the end of the lap, it makes for a great video.


22-01-2016, 19:02
After doing episode 4 of Gamer Vs Racing Driver around Imola, I decided to use the same car around the other awesome Italian track, Monza.
This time I go up against Italian racer, Stefano Pezzucchi, and this was a lot more of a challenge than the previous video.
So here it is, Gamer Vs Racing Driver Episode 5:


26-01-2016, 01:03
Gamer Vs Racing Driver Episode 6
In this edition I take on a lap of Spa Francorchamps in the BMW Z4 GT3 against Jörg Müller.


29-01-2016, 09:17
Been trying out the new Stanceworks DLC this morning.
First car I took for a spin around the new Bannochbrae track was the KTM X-Box R.
Quite a fun combination of car and track.


30-01-2016, 11:34
Currently trying to get to grips with the Radbul.
My first efforts at drifting were horrendous, the car is a real handful and with no handbrake mapped on my steering wheel, it's even harder.
Finally got a few decent drifts in now, it does feel good when you get it right.
Here's a few of my attempts so far, still not great but getting better.


31-01-2016, 20:24
Getting a bit better with the Radbull now, managed a lap of the new Bannochbrae circuit without hitting anything and some pretty good drifts.
When you get it right, it's such good fun.


04-02-2016, 21:15
Something a bit different for today's video as it features a guest driver, The Stig!
Watch as he tries out the new Bannochbrae road circuit and sets a class World Record in the Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM.


05-02-2016, 19:06
Had time to do another last to first challenge today.
Still loving the new Bannochbrae track so used that and this month's free car, the Ford Falcon FG V8 Supercar, for this video.
19 other cars, 80 skill level and 3 laps.
Took me quite a few attempts!
If you do it and have a video, let me know and I'll link to your video in the description of mine.