View Full Version : Tx wheel accelerator sensitivity

13-11-2015, 09:08
Is it just me or is all the acceleration done in the first 20% of the downstroke of the gas pedal ?
Is there anyway to make it more progressive throughout the whole travel of the pedal ?

13-11-2015, 13:27
Lower the throttle sensitivity in the global settings. I felt the same way about my T3PA pedals. Lowering that helped a lot. You can also add a little deadzone, if needed.

13-11-2015, 19:25
Doesn't seem to make any difference in game.
Would you mind sharing your settings ?

13-11-2015, 20:06
I don't have that problem with my T3PA-PRO pedals - have you done the calibration?

13-11-2015, 21:00
Yeah done the calibration.
When you run the full data screen you can see max throttle on just a twitch of the pedal. High power cars just spin out on cold tyres.

Nicho Lucas Dad
14-11-2015, 01:42
Have you pulled pedal box apart?

14-11-2015, 03:26
I'd think you'd want to increase the sensitivity, so you have more range

14-11-2015, 03:27
Stu, I'm thinking you might want to check your game save file size, with the couple of issues you are having, might want to delete your local save and resync with the cloud to see if that fixes your issues

14-11-2015, 05:28
To answer Nicho, yeah mate I pulled the pedals apart to do the hosepipe mod. I thought it might be because of this, but it wasn't.
I fixed it by plugging it back into the PC and testing it on the PC. It then gave me full range of acceleration.

Miles better again now.
Thanks for all the help.

14-11-2015, 13:49
I'd think you'd want to increase the sensitivity, so you have more range
He would need to decrease it so that he would get more pedal input later in the range of travel. Right now he has too much too early, which you would get if you increased it to the 75-100 range. But in any case, he said he already tried lowering it and it didn't help.