View Full Version : SFTG Racing - Series 2 - Porche Super Cup (Sunday league)

Made in 89
14-11-2015, 11:01
Hello all.
So our first series of Clio cup was good fun and went rather well but it would always be nice to have more people involved.
Since our last post we have started a web site to keep track of our series:

On Sunday night at 9PM GMT (15/11/15) we will be starting round 1 of our new Porche Super Cup.
Only a 6 race series to see us to Christmas holidays then we will be back in the new year for more.

Feel free to reply here, message me, or add me on Xbox (GT: Made in 89) and join the fun!

We look forward to hearing from you

Made in 89
14-11-2015, 14:47
Series 2 begins tomorrow! 9pm GMT. Weekly. RUF Porsche GT3.
tracks are:
Silverstone GP
Catalunya GP
Nuburgring GP
Monza GP
Le Mans circuit Bugatti
Practice then qually from 9PM each week followed by race.