View Full Version : What's the most laps,longest race you have done,

14-11-2015, 17:05
I personally go for the mad short all out sprint races,like 10 to 15 laps starting from the back,sweating and tearing my Arse out for these few laps really gets my adrenaline going,
Most of the time I win,against 29 other cars,but tonight thinking of doing 100 laps round brands hatch with Le Mans cars,night through till day time,what can I expect tyre wise and pit stops,
Love the game to bits,

TheReaper GT
14-11-2015, 17:13
Usually between 20 and 30 for GT3 and group 5, 30 and 40 for formula A and for the other classes I keep at 10 max.

14-11-2015, 19:28
Did 40 something laps of Imola in an online Gt3 race. Everything else has been significantly less than that with the exception of the WEC races in career mode. I usually let the AI driver do a stint in those cases so I guess that doesn't count.

14-11-2015, 19:34
Most of my races end in lap 1 on the first turn. Today I was about to finish a 10 lap race on Oschersleben GP, made it to lap 8 before someone rear-ended me into a wall and lost my front tires.

14-11-2015, 20:49
50 laps at Bathurst in a GT4, tyre wear x3, so had to change tyres every 14 laps, and running max 22l in the the fuel tank, so had to refuel every 7 laps. 2hrs of online fun

14-11-2015, 21:15
I did 3 hrs of Le Mans in career mode just to have the car pack up with seconds left on the clock.

15-11-2015, 21:26
Usually 10-15 laps. I don't do the super long endurance stuff, but I'll try longer soon!

15-11-2015, 21:34
Most quick races offline I give myself put myself towards the back of a large pack and give myself 10-20 (sometimes 30) minutes to see how far up I can get (with minimal contact). On some occasions I've gone for an hour, usually when a similar real life race is scheduled.

15-11-2015, 21:46
Green Hell, Bathurst and Le Mans 24/25hrs...

Edit: I should add that I did four hour stints, sometimes giving the wheel to B-spec Bob, sometimes just pausing the game, to continue after a few hours...

15-11-2015, 21:51
28 Laps and it was a bit gruelling as I had my t500 ffb up to far at the time ..................... My arms were like jelly by lap 20 , have toned things down a little in the ffb department .


Dynomight Motorsports
15-11-2015, 23:11
36 laps at Le Mans in GT3, about 2 hours 24 mins. But 70 laps at Donnington GP seemed nearly as long.

16-11-2015, 07:09
50 laps at Bathust with Vmotorsport in gt3. join us for great racing on Monday Nights. Australian and NZ Drivers. P/Cs is currently all Australians http://vmotorsport.co.nz/

16-11-2015, 07:45
Longest race for me was last Saturday after 6.0. 4 hr Nordschleife in the RWD P20 LMP2...driven with two short potty breaks. But woah... I was soaked in sweat after that! I don't know if I even want to do that again.

16-11-2015, 15:59
36 laps at Le Mans in GT3, about 2 hours 24 mins. But 70 laps at Donnington GP seemed nearly as long.

Same here with the 36 laps at Le Mans. Can't wait for the 14 laps at Nurburgring Nordschleife.

16-11-2015, 16:40
My longest was probably 48 laps in the Formula B World Championship main race at Laguna Seca.

20-11-2015, 14:02
2.5 hours at Le Mans. Day and night.

20-11-2015, 14:12
75 laps on Laguna in gt3

20-11-2015, 19:38
wrt to sheer number of laps: 68 this wednesday around Sakkito GP in the Oreca. /edit in pCARS. Overall, keep reading

But I've done 24h race with the longest stints being 2x15h stints with 8h of sleep in the middle to complete the Nords 24h race in in GT5. The extra time was used to eat and to use the toilet. At the time there were no save mid-race!

20-11-2015, 19:59
The longest race I have done wasn't in this game, I did a full 24h on test drive lemans on Dreamcast back in the day, then in GT5 I did a 5 hour endurance race in k-cars on the green hell online.

So far in PCARS ive only put in like around an hour 30 minutes maximum in a online race.

20-11-2015, 20:09
Completed 103 laps in the 3 hour McLaren career race at zolder