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Fabian Fa5
16-11-2015, 16:53
So I purchased the new G920 wheel pedals and shifter have to say for my first wheel set I'm amazed on how much more I love the game. I have a question for the wheel veterans if you have this or played with the G920 what is your opinion on it and is there something else that's better. I have no complaints I'm happy since it is my first one just want some opinions for the future purchases.
Thanx in advance to all.

17-11-2015, 00:00
i had a fanatec for my 360,it was good,but i like the g920 better ,the wheel circumference is smaller on the 920 ,but i think the ffb is better

Nicho Lucas Dad
17-11-2015, 02:29
Great value for money in the G920, IMO its more than an entry level wheel. I am very happy with it.

17-11-2015, 14:33
I was in the market for wheel/pedal set myself a few weeks ago. I tried both the G920 and the Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition (with T3PA pedals). Price was not a factor between the two, as they both were $400. I ended up sticking with the TX, as I preferred the FFB effects and wheel feel better. But that is not to say the G920 is not an awesome product. If I had nothing to compare it to, I would have happily kept the G920 and been thrilled with it.