View Full Version : Project Cars U.S. hosted, international welcome, GT3 league

16-11-2015, 20:59
Hey everyone. I posted in the multiplayer sub, but wanted to post this here as well so more people can join if they'd like.

Over on AOR I'm starting a new U.S. hosted, but all are welcome, GT3 league. Races will be every Wednesday evening at 8 or 8:30pm (time TBD). 15 minute qualifiers, 5 minute warm up, ~60 minute races. If interested, please go to the link below and express your interest.


We have 6 confirmed racers, but need 10+ for the league to be started. I will be moderating.

Hope to see you there!

17-11-2015, 15:47
Morning bump!

18-11-2015, 13:37
Morning bump!

You can add me. PS4 is Dizeaz.

18-11-2015, 13:42
Hey Dizeaz. Please go to the link in the first post of this thread, sign up for AOR's forum, and post your interest there. We have 9 and you'd make 10 which means the league will get under way next week! If possible, please do so as soon as you can so I can start getting the logistics down with the admins over there.