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17-11-2015, 10:06
http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q570/PTG-ALKOHOLIK/image.jpg1_zpshmexrykw.jpg (http://s1164.photobucket.com/user/PTG-ALKOHOLIK/media/image.jpg1_zpshmexrykw.jpg.html)
www.pendulumtuning.proboards.com for more info

Welcome to another PTG Project Cars race series

Races : 2 races per night
Privacy: Private
Number of Laps: 20-25mins each
Maximum Grid Size: 12
Opponents All Identical Car: Yes
Standing Start
Qualifying: 15 mins
Weather Slots: Fixed Weather / Clear/light rain/night/fog
Starting Time: 13:00 in game time
Time Progression: real
Force Interior View: No
Force Manual Gears: No
Assists: Any
Damage: Full
Mechanical Failures:no
Tire Wear: x7
Fuel Usage: real
Flags & Penalties: On
Braking line : allowed

PitStop: 1 pit stop per race between laps 2 and penultimate lap

If you run out of fuel in qualifying or in the race you will be disqualified so make sure you have enough in or pit and add more. (If you run out of fuel after the finish line and cars are still going round you will also be DQ'd. Make sure you add +1 lap of fuel so your car can make it back to the pits

Qualifying : 15 mins if you miss it you will start at the back of the grid

points 20,16,14,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2

race : a parade lap to get into qualifying position please stay around 60mph as damage is on and tyres are COLD

Vehicle Choices:

• Renault Clio cup

Sunday's 9pm
RD1 -29th nov sakkito international /weather clear
RD2 -6th Dec Dubai national / weather clear
RD3 -13th Dec Watkins glen short / weather fog
RD4 -20th dec donnington park national /weather light rain

Signed Up:

Only 12slots available so first come first serve basis. If we get more than 12 we may host over 2 lobbies.
invites will be sent out 15mins prior to qualifying

2)PTG Apex
3)PTG Baby Cow
5)PTG claret
6)emw mikey
7)emw lucky
8)PTG ducky
11)chaos engine01

17-11-2015, 12:02
Id be well up for this mate. my gamertag is Edgartonian2241
30y/o from UK.Been on forza for years and just getting into project cars.

18-11-2015, 11:23
Yep no problem ill add you ;)

21-11-2015, 09:19
So going to change the clio to formula c cars !!! Tracks and weather will stay the same thanks

Thread closed new thread made thanks

23-11-2015, 13:16
Thanks for the add!see u on Sunday!maybe get a practice run in before then!

26-11-2015, 15:12
My friend that plays with me on project is up for this too. getting him to sign up tonight and then you can add him too once he comments! looking forward to it!

26-11-2015, 17:47
And here I am I would like to be added to to this event also
33y/o from UK

26-11-2015, 18:34
No problem bud added :D what's your xbox gt ?

PTG Baby Cow
26-11-2015, 22:55
Mods can we get the title of this changed to formula c instead of Clio cup

27-11-2015, 09:27
I did make another thread lol but it down below somewhere !
So that's a full grid thanks everyone will have a new series up soon

29-11-2015, 16:37
Gamertag is Chaos_Engine01 I've added you aswell

29-11-2015, 18:59
Looking forward to race tonight!!

PTG Baby Cow
30-11-2015, 14:22
Thanks everyone who showed up for race 1.

Next race will be at watkins Glen short in the fog.
Sorry for those who missed the car swap memo. Hope everyone is still in for round 2. This track should be a little easier on tyres.

01-12-2015, 05:57
Brilliant night''s racing once few gremlins sorted out!really enjoyed my first time out with you lot!cheers for making it so enjoyable an so off you boys r QUICK!!

PTG Baby Cow
01-12-2015, 19:27
Glad you enjoyed it edgar. Hopefully we will all be able to connect together a little smoother this sunday. We will also be updating the schedule soon with another track as abu dhabi is removed due to the lack of lights on the formula c cars.

PTG Baby Cow
05-12-2015, 16:49
Notice to those not part of ptg forum. Tyre wear has been reduced to 2x for the next race.

05-12-2015, 17:13
Should be a good race tomorrow nyt!thanks for having us Join u!