View Full Version : Vehicle Tuning "steering question".

17-11-2015, 18:20
Just curious to know where others find the steering settings to be better suited for game pad users when tuning the cars. I think this is a great game (regardless of the bugs), but clearly one thing that SMS has not learned their lesson on is the same steering lock/oversteer issues they carried over with them from the Shift series as it relates to controller play. They really need to get someone in there who understands how to properly set up certain aspects of their physics engine for game pads.

I took the Ginetta Jr. for a run on the Ring last night and WOW! I was shocked how poorly done the default setting was for steering. How "slow" do some of you set yours to?


17-11-2015, 18:28
Have you tried looking in either of these 2 stickies threads?