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17-11-2015, 22:48
Hey there,

Starting in 2 weeks from now a Formula Rookie Championship will be organized over at www.kineticignition.com. Races will be held every Tuesday at 20:00 (8PM) UK and will last for around 1 hour 15 minutes (Qual. + Race). Since it is a team-based league, you will be partnering with another person. Teams will use the same car livery throughout the season and will also compete for a Team Championship.

More specific information:

First League race: 1 Dec.
Days + Time: Tuesdays @ 8:00PM UK Timezone
Number of races: 8 (2 races every week)
Laps in a race: variable, but typically set so the race will take around 25 minutes to complete
Race settings: Realistic driving aids. Performance-impacting damage. Realistic fuel usage. Realistic Tire wear. No restrictions for gears or camera.

To enroll in this championship, you have to visit this link:

Create an account on the website, or log in using your Steam. Post in the ''Sign-up'' topic.

If you are unable to find a teammate once the championship starts, you will be assigned a random teammate

21-11-2015, 14:20
bring up my post!

24-11-2015, 17:13
I must miss something, I am not able to create an account on your site. Site says : "reCAPTCHA plugin needs a site key to be set in its parameters. Please contact a site administrator."

26-11-2015, 15:54
Hi Garion, you're right, there was an issue with the CAPTCHA in the registration form but I fixed it, so everything should work now!