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18-11-2015, 10:59
Hi All,

I went to TT and made some laps in Monza with Formula Rookie. Best time around 2:04.

Then I went to the leaderboard and could not find my time. I could notice that there is no specific leaderboard for F Rookie. Just open wheels class.

Then I went to check this class leaderboard and scrolled down completely from top to bottom and could only find FA from top to bottom. The last position was around 1:36.

Am i missing something or in fact a FRookie lap will never have a TT recorded since it is much slower than FA?

Thanks in advance.


18-11-2015, 16:59
The leaderboards on the consoles are class based, as in your case "Open Wheel". So you can only see the fastest open wheel times. Which imo renders all other cars pointless except the fastest car in it's class. Which in turn renders TT pointless.

I and many others have been asking for this feature for ages.

18-11-2015, 17:01
The time trials and leaderboard are FA only. Only the fastest times. Regardless of car. So FA only.
Maybe they've done some car specific trials, but yeah.
There you have it.

Edit: ninjad

18-11-2015, 18:19
BigAlex had you previously done a TT at that track in a faster car ?

if he has never run a TT at that track his rookie time should still be shown in the leaderboard