View Full Version : [Solved] No multi player lobies in browse, can join friends

18-11-2015, 20:53
Like the title says, when I search for open lobies, there's none available. Had the same problem yesterday, could join friends though. Anyone else have this problem now?

18-11-2015, 20:54
Damn, please delete this post, while posting I noticed class was set to vintage stockcar. I feel stupid now. Problem fixed.

22-11-2015, 08:17
Don't worry, I had the same issue as you, thought it was a problem with my internet connection, but after reading your post I checked and found the class had changed in the menu, have no idea why, seemed to happen after installing the last update, but like you problem fixed, now back to the racing.

22-11-2015, 08:50
How do you do to join friends without having to send invitations?