View Full Version : Bugs no Box de Road América

19-11-2015, 17:43
Good afternoon SMS team. I own a Project CARS championship in endurance mode where we seek to achieve as close to the WEC today where we have 2 Grids and running on the GT3 Grid 2 and Grid LMP3 categories and in the LMP1 and LMP2 1 categories. In our 5th stage of the championship that would have occurred in the circuit of Road America we had problems with the bug box in which left all cars of our competitors unable to come out of the box after its tire changes. Because of such problems we had to suspend the races of 2 grids and so as this stage of the championship.

Ne settings we use our test:
38 laps
Time progression 5X
3 climatic conditions; Cloudy, fog with rain and fog
Synchronized progression to Race

I ask kindly check what happens to the box of Roa Track America. Thank you