View Full Version : xbox dashboard update to fix gamesync/offline issues

20-11-2015, 16:57
MS have released a new version of dashboard to the preview programme and I quote

"This build contains a fix to address an issue in which some users encountered inconsistent game sync experiences and in some cases failures."

Although it then only mentions gamerscores or status may have incorrectly shown as offline it seems from the above description to be a bit more

20-11-2015, 21:22
With any luck this might fix some of the reasons for corrupted saves, however, it wont fix the issue when you have a too large game file save. Have to monitor that and keep it well under the 500mb allowed.

Big reason why this gets too big is because of the replay saves. It would be real good if they could be separated from the game save file so setups are not vulnerable to be lost.