View Full Version : Wheel Speed - Lock to lock

23-11-2015, 18:40
I play with a DS4 and was just wondering whether there is a way or not to make the wheel in the game match my lock to lock movement with a controller.

Every time I go to extreme to another in the control the wheel in the game goes very slowly. I would like to see the wheel obeying my control movement.
Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

24-11-2015, 15:58

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
24-11-2015, 16:50
I don't know about 100%, but there are things you can do: Set speed sensitivity to 0, and turn opposite lock help on. That will give you an extremely twitchy controller and I recommend turning controller filtering sensitivity very high to compensate. I think the most linear steering sensitivity setting is 50, but it may be just about unusable with the other settings. Lower may be more desirable.