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23-11-2015, 23:02
Had the T150 for a week or two, but cant find a decent set up for it.

Can anyone give me a good solid set up that will work? Spent more time trying to set the wheel up, than i have racing.

Any help would be much appreciated


13-12-2015, 17:15

Timo Kaaarp
14-12-2015, 09:02
I know your pain, I have lost hours trying to fix the p*poor default on the t150 (feels like a very heavy shopping trolley with busted wheels). Anyway, Darin Gangi at Inside Sim Racing posted a good vid and thread on the topic (not t150 specific but it helped a lot). Lowering the tire force to around 78 (but leaving FFB at 100) made a big difference.


Some car specific changes can also help, can be found at: http://pcars.oscarolim.pt/

I still needed to do test runs with the FFB graph on screen to get the levels right and avoid clipping (loss of info through the wheel due to FFB overload) but it now feels pretty good to me.

Timo Kaaarp
14-12-2015, 09:11
Oh, and make sure your wheel is in 900 degree mode: hold mode, press left or right on the d-pad, release mode button and count the blinks, you want 4 blinks before the led stays red again.

26-12-2015, 14:40
Hey Guys, I got the best setting for the Thrustmaster T150 for me so far. After almost 2 whole days of trying, i figured it out!! I hope it works for you, too. Please let me know!!!

In this setup you can feel all the bumps, kerbs, grass..almost everything that you want to feel from the car and the track. It works perfect for me!

Before you start, you have to change the wheel to 900 degrees of rotation. You can do that by holding the mode button and pressing the left or right buttons on the D-pad until the red light glows 4 times in a row.

Now, here is my setup!

To get tge right feel for all cars you need to change the setup for each car. I did that in training mode.

For the right setup you can check out this website:

Now the setuo for the wheel.
Wheel: Thrustmaster T150

My setup.

Steering Deadzone (0)
Steering Sensitivity (50)
Throttle Deadzone (0)
Throttle Sensitity (50)
Brake Deadzone (0)
Brake Sensitity (40)
Clutch Deadzone (0)
Clutch Sensititvy (35)

Speed Snesitivity (0)
Controller Filtering Sensitivity (0)
Damper Saturation (0)

Force Feedback (85) you can increase or lower it!
RPM/Gear Display (Yes)

Controller Input Mode (3)
Advanced (On)
Sot Steering Dampening (On)
Visual Wheel Filtering (On)
Opposite Lock Help (Off)


Tire Force (35)
Per Wheel Movement (0)
Per Wheel Movement Squared (0)
Wheel Position Smoothing (0.04)

Deadzone Removal Range (0.00)
Deadzone Removal Falloff (0.01)

Linkage Scale (0.00)
Linkage Stiffness (1.00)
Linkage Damping (1.00)
Relative Adjust Gain (1.10)
Relative Adjust Bleed (0.10)
Relative Adjust Clamp (0.95)

Scoop Knee (0.60)
Scoop Reduction (0.15)

Soft Clipping Half Input (0)
Soft Clipping Full Output (0)

Menu spring strength (0.10)
Low speed spring coefficient (0.70)
Low spring speed saturation (0.70)
Steering gain (1.75)*

I hope you'll enjoy it and please give me feedback!

Thanks! :)