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24-11-2015, 16:26
http://i608.photobucket.com/albums/tt170/Sithian86/cars%20league_zpszvcms3g7.jpg (http://s608.photobucket.com/user/Sithian86/media/cars%20league_zpszvcms3g7.jpg.html)

Hello racers!

After the success of our first league series in project cars we’re looking at wasting no time to get the next league series under way. We congratulate RWB Rygel for his victory after 12 hard races! And we look forward to how he can hold his title with the new challenges and league setup in front of us!

Everyone will be asked to stick to the track and not take advantage of bug lines in the game. If you are caught taking a wide line or going off the track to gain an advantage you will be ejected from the league.

The cars and tracks will be listed below in the league details, these have been picked by last season competitors and some tracks at the end have been randomly chosen with the cars. The cars will change each week, and we will hold a practice session every Thursday for those wanting to spend some extra time tuning etc.

You can choose to have a sub race for you in the league, however this will incur a -10 point penalty for your points on the league table.

Contact is asked to be kept to a minimum. Any persons found purposely forcing someone off the road or making contact without apologising if it’s an accident will find themselves doing a drive through penalty in the race or forfeit qualifying in the next race. A penalty to their league points could be added as well. We also expect racers to give places back if this has happened, this may help us decide when investigating the incident in how to deal with it.

After last seasons issues with race restarts and yellow flags, we will be removing the restart procedure from this season. Meaning if a player has knocked you off track and you can make it back to the pits to repair, we will not restart the race. Instead a full investigation after the race will take place.

Tuning and tyre selection is on.

Each race will be given a 15 minute qualifying. All players must qualify unless unable to do so by a penalty.

Weather will reflect on what the weather is like on that day at that track. So if we race silverstone and it’s raining on that day at silverstone guess what… We race in rain :) There will also be an increase on the tyre wear.. This allows players to think more about their usage and the potential to pit may be required. Performance impacting damage will be turned on

Lastly a new feature in the league will be an introduction to team racing. Members of the league will be allowed to form a team with another player if they wish to. This will be trialled for this season and we shall see how it goes. Hopefully this will not reflect on how each individual races on the day for themselves.

The races and tracks will be listed on the website. The races themselves will consist of 25 laps on the day.

If you are interested in signing up please visit our website http://rwb-racing.enjin.com/ and register your interest on the forums there. On the website you will see calendar details and ts details. Your name will also be included below.

Good luck racer!

Current entries

1. Rygel (Current champion)
2. DeBuGti
3. Charger
4. Crank
5. Zakado
6. Al Gartner
7. Marcobruus
8. Sinoob
9. Cos
10. Reaperman
11. Bearboy

25-11-2015, 12:21
If any guys out there have a mate they want to team up with come join and sign up and well add you to the list, it's only one race a week on a Saturday and you are not tied into our club, there is no requirement for you to be exclusive to us, just friendly clean racing, with a practice session during the week but this is not compulsory you can just rock up on the Saturday and race if that is your thing, just register for the league race is the only thing needed.

27-11-2015, 16:00

02-12-2015, 19:32
Last chance to sign up tonight before we pick teams!