View Full Version : More older tracks please

25-11-2015, 00:52
Just tried the new tracks, very impressed. This game has tried my patience but I just love it. New Silverstone classic track is my new favorite, super smooth frame rate including replays with no stuttering (thank the gods). Don't play online so all in all am now pretty happy with the current state of this ever evolving game. Keep up the good work, it really is appreciated.

25-11-2015, 08:18
Just tried the new tracks, very impressed.

I'll definitely have to try out those new tracks after work. What car/cars were you driving on new tracks?

25-11-2015, 09:17
Rouen is a blast with anything GT3 and under in my opinion.But brilliant with anything classic!

25-11-2015, 21:56
Would love Estoril added. Loved this track on F1 2013 in xlassics

25-11-2015, 22:53
Just had a cracking race in the lotus type 40, really enjoyed driving the car! I also managed second!

26-11-2015, 07:31
I tried the 2 classic tracks & the new circuit. I liked them. I was driving the Lotus 25 & 38. Was very fun.

26-11-2015, 13:14
I would love to see Solitude Racetrack added.

26-11-2015, 18:09
Fix the ones you just sold me first please.