View Full Version : Online Bug - Stuck with the same car and track when changing lobbies

25-11-2015, 00:48

I like this game very much and I am really sorry to report another bug.

I have really not played much in the online lobby since 6.0 came. I am joining a private league every wednesday and so during the week I keep playing offline to train and tune the cars to next race.

I have just experienced what seems a bug in the public lobbies.

1) I enter multiplayer mode and search for a lobby.

2) I enter this lobby and play normally

3) Then I exit the lobby , search for another one and enter

4) Then in this new lobby the players change (although I canīt see their connection bar) but the car and the track remain stuck in the previous session.

5) I wait a bit and then I received a message " You were removed from this lobby".

6) OK, Someone has kicked me.

7) Then I exit search for another one and guess what??? The same thing again... New players but the same car and track of the first lobby until another message telling that I was removed from the lobby appears.

8) Exit Project cars, restart PS4

9) Search for a online lobby, manage to enter, play as usual.

10) Decide to change lobby, search enter and everything happens again...

And thereīs nothing I can do to solve this.

My internet connection is very good plenty of bandwidth.

I dunno but maybe this started when I joined a lobby based in the last DLC (Classic circuits and Lotus). I donīt have this DLC but managed to play for a while yesterday. I donīt know if it can have any relation to this but I think this was the last package introduced by SMS.

Another thing that I would imagine is a PSN issue. But it seemed to be working well with other games.

Anyway, I will try again tomorrow. Maybe this is temporarily issue. Who Knows.........

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

25-11-2015, 11:55

Tried again today!

I played normally and the issue didnīt repeat.

Seems to be something related to the PSN Network or its communication with the PCARS Platform.

I will report back if it happens again!