View Full Version : Game crash after online qualify

26-11-2015, 08:41
Online public race, after qualify ends and you're about to start The race, my car goes inside the garage in the paddock and it stays parked there. The only thing you can do is look right/left ,but as you look the image moves slowly (like slow-mo) and is blured.
You return to the menu, press exit and the image freezes and the game get's stucked.
Had this issue twice in the last two days, and coincidence or not, both at the new tracks: Hockeneim Classic and Rouen Les Essarts.
Anyone else experienced something similar?

26-11-2015, 08:52
Yes it happens at all 4 new dlc tracks. And there is 2 other setup issues also

26-11-2015, 18:47
I have experienced this as well. Not sure if only with the DLC pack. Maybe it can possibly be a PSN glitch.

26-11-2015, 20:14
Happens on PC also. Oulton park. MP