View Full Version : Zuhai bug(frame rate)? I haven't tested other tracks as I just started playing again.

28-11-2015, 00:44

Ignore the terrible line lol. I'd been getting frustrated by the frame drops and I haven't played in a while, bad combo lol.

Anyway, as you can see in the vid, there are random stops in the frame rate. This happens all around the track, but usually right before or on the exit of corners. Is this a known issue? It's been consistent all day, with my PS4 restarted 3 times today, each time it still did this. Originally I ignored it because I was in an open lobby. But this vid was taken in single car offline practice.

Additional info :

CSR wheel, PS4 fan not running loud, was doing it within the first lap.

30-11-2015, 03:54
After further testing, I'm getting the frame rate drops on all tracks.

I played Rainbow six Siege for 3 hours and didn't have a single frame drop, so it's something to do with Pcars. Has anyone else using a CSR had any issues with frame drops? Or does anyone have any ideas on a fix?

Tomorrow I'm going to delete the whole game and all DLC's and reinstall see if that fixes anything.

09-12-2015, 22:31
Forgot to update this. Did full reinstall, still have the issue, but it seems to be to a slightly lesser extent. I haven't had a lot of time to fully test it. I played Rainbow 6 siege for 6 hours straight and didn't have any problems, so I don't believe my PS4 is the issue. But I've ordered some compressed air cans just to be sure.

10-12-2015, 01:11
having same issues all tracks a sudden freeze for a micro second and the system fans are at full speed for some odd reason no other game does it.

19-12-2015, 23:50
Well, dusted out my PS4, took it apart, pulled the power supply and blew out the heat sink. Still does it. There's no way my PS4 is getting too hot at this point, as it's clean, and the room temp is maybe 65 degrees F.

What in the world could be causing this? It's fairly game breaking at times.

08-02-2016, 16:53
Bump because I have this issue on all tracks still after patch 8.0

All other games work fine (Recent tests - GTA V, Battlefield 4, Rainbow six siege fallout 4) so its a problem with Pcars.

25-03-2016, 21:24
I know it's been awhile since I posted on this, but I started playing the crew recently and was having worse frame rate issues than I did in Pcars. So I started trying to figure out what caused the issue. As it only seemed to be happening in racing games, I disconnected my wheel to see if it made any difference, it didn't. So I rebuilt the database, still no change.

Eventually I removed my USB adapter, and it turns out, that its apparently failing, once I removed it all frame loss in The crew ended instantly. So I reinstalled Pcars and tested it, and without the USB adapter in, it's fine as well.