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28-11-2015, 18:37
Welcome to the Virtual Racing Federation, a site that offers online racing in the form of weekly series all run on the Xbox One.

As well as the races we offer a place for the budding painter to show off their designs, a place for the tuners out there to both share and pick up new tunes and for anyone that enjoys Virtual racing we offer a place were you will meet like minded racers to talk about anything and everything in virtual racing.

It's simple to get started here and join in with the close,fair and clean racing.

1 - Register to the site, don't worry it's free, Please use your gamertag as your forum name.

2 - Take a look at the race numbers and request one thats free.

3 - Find a series on our site you want to join and simply post you want to join.

4 - Build the car to the spec in the series rules and wait.........

5 - Get your lobby invite on race day and enjoy your racing.

Remember to check out our race rules for any series specific rules and if in doubt ask an admin, they are on hand to help with any questions you may have.

Please take a look at our "How To Get Started" thread in the forums for full details of what steps you need to take to be an active member of The Virtual Racing Federation.

so there you have it, if you like what you've seen so far why not stick around and give it a shot,

see you on the track.


06-12-2015, 15:15
We are now having an Old Age Power series, its short but sweet taking us up to xmas.

We are running the capri zakspeed and the bmw group 5 cars on the classic tracks of hockenheim and silverstone then to les essarts.

places still available so dont miss out.

08-12-2015, 17:13
Places still up for grabs in our Old Age Power series, the cars are tricky but fun to drive

01-01-2016, 15:28
Car Spec

This series the cars are to be Open wheel cars, The 2 divisions will drive different cars with Div 2 driving the lower class of the two, this gives us a feel of separate divisions and a better feel for being promoted or relegated.
Tuning these cars will be entirely down to you.


Qualification will be 15 minutes, this means getting a time on the board will be crucial,
short qualification means anything can happen and anyone can be on pole.

Be careful as in Pcars collisions are always on so give yourself space on your qualification laps.

Only clean lap times will count.

Race Day

Lobby invites will be sent out at 8:45pm UK time.
Please make sure you have the lobby hosts on your friends list.
The game sorts the start grid after qualification but it goes into the race very quickly,
there will be a 5 min warm up period added for toilet/fag breaks.

This series will feature 4 races over a 4 week period, 1 race on the night, which will be around an hour in length.
Both division will be on track at the same time but remember going for an overtake on someone not in your league could cost you so how are you going to handle it?

Scoring for this series

1 - 20
2 - 18
3 - 16
4 - 14
5 - 12
6 - 10
7 - 8
8 - 6
9 - 4
10 - 3
11 - 2
12 - 1

General Racing

Any contact you feel could have been avoided can be submitted to an admin,
please make a note of race number, lap number and who was involved so the admin can review the incident.
Please use the "XBOX RECORD THAT" feature and the admins can then look on your profile and the saved game replay to review any incidents.
With the new replay system if you give us the lap number we can review the incidents so make a note of any lap numbers in your stewards inquiry.

The admins will then take a look and a decision will be made, remember though,
not all contact can be avoided and sometimes in racing their will be bumps.

If you do make contact via a mistake and if possible allow the driver you have hit to re-take the position from you,
this stop deliberate contact to gain an advantage.

If you go off the track please make sure the track is clear before driving back on,
if you join the track and cause an accident then you may be liable for a penalty.

Damage will be off for the races in this series.

Any assists you want to run can be used in this series.

14-01-2016, 19:30
We now have 2 series on forza and a series on pcars filling up but if your fast you can still book your grid slot.

visit our site for more info, it's all free and you will find ppl looking for good clean racing waiting for you.


11-02-2016, 14:37
We are now moving into week 3 of our Formula A league, next stop sakitto GP.

If your able to make Wednesdays at 9pm uk time why not join us and race fair and clean against other fair and clean racers.