View Full Version : Crash to dashboard on last lap of multiplayer

28-11-2015, 23:01
Just had a fantastic online battle with people I've never raced before - a three-way battle for the lead over 21 laps at Donnington in GT3s. Not a class I'm used to, and a few mistakes on my part, but nevertheless a thrilling race. It's all to play for as we cross the line for the last lap, desperately feeling the tyre wear but pumped beyond belief, and.... black screen. Instantaneous crash to the Xbox dashboard. Some sort of fatal error.

Anybody else had experience with this problem?

PS To the guys I was racing - thanks!

29-11-2015, 03:15
Yep, 2 dropped out last night. Normally I'd put it down to network issues. Unfortunate, but it happens