View Full Version : Engine sounds. Offline vs Online

TRL Karthikeyan
29-11-2015, 19:39
don't know if its just me but are the engines missing some effects /mechanical noises while playing online and it makes it sound tinny. i've eithir never noticed or it's happened after recent patches.
e.g lotus 25 offline - can hear all the noise whereas online it is quieter and you hear the wind as some of the sound is missing.
i think it effects all cars, some more than others.
and also in the rwd lmp1 and the imsa quattro gto the turbo noise doestn't work online(90% of the time)

29-11-2015, 20:16
Noticed that too. Mostly the turbo-sounds are gone in the Ford Capri Zakspeed turbo, BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 and the Audi 90 imsa