View Full Version : Match cars to track?

30-11-2015, 06:11
I've enjoyed the new cars and track additions to pCars. So much so, that I brought 2 new games for my PS4, but I would rather play pCars. However, I was wondering if there is a resource to match cars by type/group to the tracks that they raced on? For example, even though it would be interesting I doubt if a super cart has ever raced 24 hours at LeMan. So is it possible to match cars to tracks? Say, Sonoma Raceway: All vehicles except Formula Rookie, or GT3 cars race on Spa, Monza, etc.

What I am saying is that some cars are built/designed for certain tracks, or have only raced on certain tracks, and I would like to know at a glance which car/group raced on what tracks.

This would help in working on setups and comparing car differences at various tracks that were part of a racing series.