View Full Version : PRO CARS RACING CLUB

02-12-2015, 17:29
Join the pro cars racing club via facebook for fun clean racing and some good banter. Racing tonight 8.30pm
(UK time)

03-12-2015, 18:53
Hey, I just sent a request on fb :)

Rompin Donkey
03-12-2015, 20:18
Pro cars racing club
for wheel users
PS4 based uk and europian racers
join us on face book

wed and friday nights

clean as i cwn
04-12-2015, 17:35
I'm not on f.b. ???

04-12-2015, 17:54
we can be found under PS4 community as well you can ask to join here.

04-12-2015, 23:18
For wheel users only?