View Full Version : [RESOLVED] No FFB on T150 since 6.00

03-12-2015, 14:31
Hello, I just got my brand new T150RS 2 days ago with Project Cars for PS4.
On my first try i didn't apply any update, my T150 was seen as a T300 and everything worked fine.
Then, I applied the last update. My T150 was correctly seen by the game as a T150 but once in game, with every setting by default, there is no ffb anymore.
For example, when i do a spin over or just do a hard brake. I let the wheel go and it doesn't move at all. Before update the wheel, in the same situation, the wheel went left to right normally.

I tried T300 settings but it didn't change anything. All my settings are by default now.

Does anyone know why it's not working properly?

Thank You all

03-12-2015, 16:49
Delete pCars and your Savegame, than try again..

03-12-2015, 17:08
Or first just try deleting your savegame and making sure it isn't downloaded back from the cloud.

03-12-2015, 18:04
Ok, i'll try it tomorrow. Thank you :D

04-12-2015, 08:00
It works!, thank you very much guys!