View Full Version : Help for a newbie

04-12-2015, 01:01
I have just got started about a week ago and what a fantastic game. Somehow, I have created a profile that is the first part of my email address. Whenever I start the game and if I do a solo race or just practice I do not have a name like John Doe, it is the xxxxxx before the @ in my email address. I am sure it is something I screwed up when I first got the game from the playstore. I have correctly created a driver name in career mode and that works fine. I have been searching for this issue in the forum but havent found anything. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

04-12-2015, 15:29
If you haven't progressed too far, you can always start another career.

You can have more than one at a time, just load up which one you want.