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04-12-2015, 22:19
Evening all,

Quick question regarding the above wheel. Sometime at the start of a race form start line the wheel rotates to the right on its own and I have to hold it back to centre to pull off from the line smoothly, anyone come across this.

Also, forgot to ask. When I let go slightly maybe not grip so hard of the wheel it feels very jerky, is this normal?


05-12-2015, 16:03
Anyone able to assist in some information please.

07-12-2015, 14:09
I assume you went through the calibration process first?

For second issue I guess you're talking about oscillation - wheel wobbles to and fro when you let go? Not found a clean fix for that myself - you could try messing with the steering deadzone.

There's a ton of threads about FFB settings and default stuff on here:
I plugged in the settings from the OP

Then go look at the Jack Spades tweaker files and grab the console version from here http://pcars.oscarolim.pt/export