View Full Version : Ideas for the Online Experience

05-12-2015, 21:04
The Online Mode as it is, is far from being fun for every driver. Most of the races ending up the same. Some rude less Drivers killing the good Drivers at first chicane or corner. They are using the car in front as braking Point. I hope that this was not intentionally meant to be.

It would be very appreciated if there coming some changes to the Online Mode of Project Cars.

Like a Drivers License to enter the Online Mode, in combination with an experience (EXP) System. Meaning to the Game automatically gathering the Players based on their EXP. Or you need an EXP of 1000 e.g. to enter some Online Games. But this wouldn't prevent some "evil" players mixing up the Online Races. The Kick function is a good start but not suitable for all situations. Therefor a functioning reputation System should be implemented. Like +10 Points for clean Races to the reputation account, +10 for no contact with other cars, -50 for unfair racing (shortcutting e.g.), -100 for intentional rude less driving (forcing other players off track/ramming other players)

With such a system implemented all players are best served. Crash kiddies can compete with other crash kiddies. And good and fair players have the chance to have good, fair and competitive races as it should be!

05-12-2015, 23:51
Yes if you go back words it should kick them out of room. Was in practice and a guy or i mean little boy was going back words run in to me . It was really bad when the cars where coming out of pits lagging

Yeah that would be nice point system something like I racing. But the bugs are the most important stuff to be fixed