View Full Version : G29 and G27 Shifter issues on PS4

08-12-2015, 13:24
Hi everybody. I just got a Logitech G29 and hooked up my old G27 shifter to it. I noticed a few things
and am not sure if i am missing something during setup. The first thing i did was connect my G29 to
my laptop to calibrate and make sure the shifter was working properly, which it was. When i connected it
to the ps4 and set it to manual transmission mode, the shifter would not work at all. On certain cars, such as
the RUF or other street cars, the paddle shifters would work fine, but the G27 shifter would not. I tried to go into
the settings and calibrate the 1st gear through 6th gear, but the shifter wasn't being recognized. Any advice?
Also i noticed that when i race Formula Rookie cars, neither shifter will work. I have to race in automatic mode.
What am i doing wrong? Thanks.


08-12-2015, 19:47
I have the same setup. When i added my old G27 shifter, it was not assigned correctly [paddles up/down]. But that does not sound the same as your experience.

The cars are different though, only ones with an actual shifter will work, otherwise if you change directly from 4th to 2nd, it will go through 3rd to get there anyway.

I really dont get the FRookie problem though...

I just checked mine, and it recognises the gears in the setup as you change out of it. -Select to assign Gear 1, then move the shifter into 1, and then as you pull back into neutral, it will assign it.

08-12-2015, 21:55
Ok, I will give it a try. I tried to map the gears before and they always seem to hang up. I end up having to reset it back to default. I will keep trying. Thanks.

22-12-2015, 18:02
Hi all. So a quick update. After unplugging and and re-plugging the G27 shifter into the G29, and trying to calibrate the shifter with a PC (game controllers settings), i finally said screw it and removed the shifter entirely. While i was inspecting the shifter, i noticed a few teeth marks on the cable that i can only assume are from my cat! Needless to say, now everything is working correctly, including the Formula cars in manual mode. I can only guess that the screwed up shifter was sending mixed signals causing it to not work correctly. Anyways, thanks again. Maybe i will buy a new shifter, but the paddle shifters work fine too, and are faster for the laptimes.