View Full Version : Problem with T150 on PS4

10-12-2015, 22:23
Hi guys (I'm new to this)
Just brought a brand new PS4 and thrustmaster t150 with project cars. Set it all up fine and setup the controls as per other people's recomondations. Problem being the sensitivity of the wheel is very low. I get to the first corner and can hardly turn around the corner. I have it set to 50. Tried 0 and 100 hardly any difference. I've calibrated several times and also upgraded the ps4 to the latest version. It's still the same. Almost like it's not taking any notice of the settings. Any ideas would be appreciated??

10-12-2015, 22:28
sounds like you need to redo calibration , if its 1080 deg wheel ......in calibration set it to 1080 not 90 deg

Let me know how you go bud

10-12-2015, 22:32
How do you change that setting. When I turned the wheel in calibration I'm sure it said 1080

Don Rudi
10-12-2015, 22:43
I had the same problems, the solution is easy - you need to set the T150 into 900 degree mode. Press the mode button on the T150 and then click the left button (lefthand side on the wheel). The red LED should now blink 4 times.
If it blinks more or less ghan 4 times, repeat the step clicking either left or right to decrease or increase

Worked fine for me :)