View Full Version : Use hybrid on TS040?

13-12-2015, 06:52
Hi guys

How Can i Best use the hybrid on this car?

I never get any higher than 300 km/h and it seems that the hybrid/ker goes automatically, and I like to it myself. Any one who can help.

Best regards


13-12-2015, 09:33
It's a rocket off the line. Testing vs ghost cars it's acceleration falls away when kers runs out. I find using it on tracks without longer straightaways and adjust driving style to use more braking for harvesting kers helps with lap times. Can try adjusting gear ratios for better top speed if needed.
I can only get around 310km down conrod straight at Bathurst

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
27-12-2015, 19:33
Just brake more? I feel like I'm slower than I should be in this thing.

TheReaper GT
27-12-2015, 20:26
It uses electric power after 90% trottle...

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
27-12-2015, 20:30
It uses electric power after 90% trottle...

Right. I've tried modulating it intentionally to save it but didn't notice a difference in lap time.

Edit: I made some setup changes and knocked like 1.4 seconds off in an hour, so I'm more in line with expectations now. Maybe just a fluke.