View Full Version : What about the wet weather frame rate?

14-12-2015, 08:04
Coming back to gaming and a multiply patched Project Cars after a time out. Actual driving is better than ever!

However; the performance/frame rate on my PS4 in the wet is still quite terrible. Any updates from devs on this?

I would like to see some radical thinking on this subject to up the frame rate. Maybe introduce a "allow compromised visuals" option which does what is needed to get up to, or at least as close as possible, to the magical 60 fps.

Must be lot of tricks to work with like lowering resolution (1600x900), shadows, LODs, effects etc...

Would be interesting to know what is causing this, if it is like one major thing in the implementation or if it is just the combination of all extra stuff going on during the rain and weather transitions