View Full Version : Patch 7.0. - corrupt data lost everything

15-12-2015, 04:16
OMG , so looking forward to patch 7 UDP patch

On loading , it said my data was corrupt, list preferred settings, career , all setups

I now have to spend the next few days of play time setting up

Can we please get this fixed , as it happened on patch 5 n now patch 6

Positive , UDP N crew chef is awesome

15-12-2015, 04:22
I managed to avoid data loss with this update. Lost it all with v6. UDP though.... so worth it! Lol

15-12-2015, 05:10
Same thing happened to me with 6 :mad:

15-12-2015, 05:42
Happened to me on 5 , this is ridiculous .

15-12-2015, 12:55
Happened with me on 6.0. 3 careers lost. Reinstalling the data from the cloud didn't help...

I've downloaded and installed the 7.0. Restarted PS4 prior to playing PC.

Entered the game, didn't test the career mode but my career icons were there. Went to practise , my former car and track were there...played a little...

Exited the game and then..... CRASH... PS4 froze and then Black screen and then the same F*^*&^*& error message....

I was so pissed that din't even come back to see the mess...