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16-12-2015, 16:22
Hi all

As per the title....

1) I believe I can now run some sort of App (I have an ipad or windows phone) giving me real time telemetry, how do I go about setting this up?
2) Re the change to the camber... WHilst I'm not much of a tuner, I'd read the the camber adjustment has never worked properly on pcars, so I have been running most of my cars at 0 camber, given this change are there advantages to changing this now to a negative value?

Thanks for your help!

16-12-2015, 16:47
PCARS dash in apple store

setup page here


16-12-2015, 16:49
Windows phone:

16-12-2015, 16:58
Also if you look on the Forum Resource page - as the link in my signature there is a section on Apps which details those which will work with consoles

16-12-2015, 17:55
Just downloaded Pcars dash for my ipad...works perfectly, cheers guys

Now, about that camber?.....

16-12-2015, 18:16
Now, about that camber?.....
Check this thread: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?42899-Lateral-Force-on-Camber

17-12-2015, 06:54
Got the app. It's awesome! Works well with my cheap 39NZD phone. Now to find some way to mount it...

17-12-2015, 07:43
And I've got CrewChief running through my PC. There is also several Android versions, from 'demo', to 'kid safe', to 'let that foul language fly'.

17-12-2015, 08:23
I took advantage of the camber issue and I could see a massive difference in some cars i.e Gulfs. I set a time of 1:19:1 in the Ginetta G55 with 0 camber on all 4 wheels but after patch 7.0 I couldn't match my best. I have since tweaked the cambers to a negative value and I've now hit a 1:18:5. I do a lot of hot lapping and I make lots of miniscule changes to get my car feeling right. I'm not saying that the camber change on my tune is right but for me it feels good and it seems to adapt to the way I drive the car.

Fractured Life
17-12-2015, 13:13
Got the app. It's awesome! Works well with my cheap 39NZD phone. Now to find some way to mount it...

Best I saw so far...


20-12-2015, 00:04
Mounted it. Cell phone holder and some double sided tape. Worked out better than I thought. I'll work out a more permanent solution once the tape gives up.