View Full Version : How to get Server Shown in Online list?

16-12-2015, 21:35

i am really frustrated about setting up a pCARS Server, to be shown also when the Server is empty in ther serverlist. But every try it says on Session

"result" : "ok",
"response" : {
"state" : "Idle",
"name" : "",
"lobbyid" : 0,
"joinable" : false,
"max_member_count" : 0,
"now" : 1450304998

And i don't find a way, how the Server will be listed in the Server list, maybe someone in this Forum can help me by this issue. And yes allowEmptyJoin : true is set. And here is my whole server.cfg: http://hastebin.com/tusonoyedi.hs

i hope someone can give me a hint what i am doing wrong, i wasn't find a solution with Google and Forum.