View Full Version : Logitech G29 configuration

17-12-2015, 11:34
Hello, I recently purchased the Logitech G29 and my question is this because not how to do it:
How I can reduce the angle of the steering wheel?
In some tight corners I have to turn the wheel and lose much control and I do not see how to reduce the rotation to be more direct.
Thank you a lot.

17-12-2015, 11:40
Have a read of this thread mate.

17-12-2015, 11:57
I'm reading the post you indicate to me, but my english is very basic, parameter meantime get lost and what I want is something concrete and direct for not mistaken, since the other parameters and I have configured.
thanks a lot for your attention.

22-12-2015, 18:45
There is a software that you can download from logitechs website