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17-12-2015, 21:25
Hi all,

just thought i would throw this up incase any Aussie or NZ racers are looking for some clean competition. We started OZNZSimracing in PCars a while ago now, but most admins have been involved in many other sim groups over the years.

We have just wrapped up our current seasons in time for the holiday break, but will be back in the new year with new series. We have multiple series running at the same time, usually there is a sunday series and a monday night series always on. With interspaced series on the sundays. For example we have just finished up a RUF GT3 championship which ran every second sunday, and on the alternate sundays was an endurance series. The monday night league which just finished was a single make series in the Palmer Jaguar which made for some of the closest racing we have seen. Before that the monday races where Group A touring Cars. This led to some intense action as those cars are a handful in the rain.

Previously we have also run a formula rookie series & a GT3 cup. The new year is still being planned out, but its looking like a group 5 series is looming for monday nights, a 2 class series is also in the works as well as some open wheel racing.

OZNZSimracing.com is for anyone who wants to race, regardless of skill or outright speed. We have a large spread of skill levels and no matter where your pace puts you in the pack, there is always a battle to be had. Some of the best races ive had recently where in the middle to back of the pack. As long as you have the right attitude and arent a dick basically its a good time.

We usually have anywhere from 15 and upwards racers to our regular events, for the RUF cup we actually had to split into 2 lobbies as we had about 50 drivers sign up.

Check it out and if it sounds like something you want to get in on, join up.