View Full Version : Game Save Bug Conspiracy!!!

18-12-2015, 07:30
BEWARE!!! XBOX One version of project cars has a game save bug that basically wipes out your tunes and single player progress at random! This has been happening since patch 2.0 and has not addressed by Slightly Mad Studio's.

SMS Studios are going to great lengths to hide this from potential customers by removing topics and banning members from talking about this.

This is the main reason why Pcars has died on XBOX.

SMS are taking the XBOX players money and will not fix this GAMEBREAKING GAMESAVE CORRUPTION BUG!

Spread the word my brothers!!!

I will be posting this same info on as many project cars forums across the web as I can. Also in other languages through Google translate every day until SMS tell us customers what is being done about this. They may be able to ban me on here through IP (IP spoofing is awesome) but ignoring this has gone on long enough.

What rules am I breaking by imply asking for an answer to this massive issue? Why are you ignoring us SMS? I can't help but want to expose this to the world the more I see efforts to keep this hush hush.

Please help me spread the word if they will not hear me, maybe they will hear the community?