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18-12-2015, 22:25
This is setup for Australian/NZ based racers

Project Cars RUF GT3

Joint championship with Slipstream Racing, Vmotorsport and OZFM.

Start date 31st January 2016

Sunday nights, room open from 7pm AEDST

6 races.

Racers to abide by these Rules Of Engagement

Entrant List
Steel Jockey #3 X-Vare Motorsport
l Mitch09 l #09 Skydive Dubai
Ssemper #10 Point
frogpro007 #14 Bold
Tyrone TheHorse #16 Gentlemans Club
Dargs74 #21 Marsh Team Racing
StuWard #40 Huntclub
darkracing40 #51 Cloud9
Rooney 240780 #58 Lonzandler
Roger InSunnyOz #63 Nextraline
Goomf #66 RS Lamm
Nicho Lucas Dad #71 Galbrotti
D3L8OY #78 Bear Racing
ZonkedRaptor999 #86 Erad
WoodyLizard #88 Robbie Racing
xImNotTheBestx # TBA
Sly Dux # TBA

Points as follows

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th
35 29 25 22 19 16 14 12 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1

DNF's will be awarded points based on lap number they DNF or drop out at. IE 10 racers, 8 finish the race awarded points for positions 1-8, 2 DNF's, one drops out at lap 12/20, awarded points for position 9, other drops out at lap 5/20, awarded points for position 10.
No shows will be awarded first points place after last place or last DNF points. If more than one no show, will be awarded equal position points.

Please advise which car number you will be running with for the RUF series.

Races may be recorded and uploaded to youtube. I may do a joint race edit from my recordings and include some of your video if you record and upload highlights of in-car footage.

For instructions on recording your race so I can add to video edit please see here http://www.vmotorsport.co.nz/thread/92/recording-game-dvr-on-xbox

Race night format

Practice 1 - 45minutes, join party and game at your leisure/available time.
Practice 2 - 15minutes to sort out qualifying order
Qualifying - 20 minutes. 1 lap shoot out
Warm up. - 5 minutes, loo break, drink top up, smoko, setup/strategy check etc
Race - 45-60 minutes

Qualifying procedure

Second practice time will be to sort out qualifying order.
Qualifying will be a 1 lap shootout. Slowest driver from second practice session will go first, quickest driver last. One warm up lap and then a hot lap.
First qualifier please be ready to leave the pits as soon as qualifying begins.
Cars will be called onto the track at each 1 minute mark. Please enter the track ASAP to not disadvantage those coming behind you. As you enter the track, be aware a quick driver may be starting their hot lap, move off the racing line and let them through.
If you muck up your qualifying lap, be aware a quick driver may be coming up behind you, move off the racing line and let them through.
As soon as you have completed your hot lap, move off the racing line, and off the track if practical, stop your car and return to the garage.

Currently we have 17 enrolled for 16 spots, with 2 joiners at the same time making up the numbers.

I hate to cut people off, especially as we are only one over the room limit. So I think we might have to run the following procedure. First practice session will be filled on a first come first served basis until the room is filled, which means you will need to be in by 7:45pm. If you request the invite in the last few minutes of the session you will be able to enter the lobby but will need to wait for next session before joining the track. If room still has places left in the second practice or qualifying, you may still ask to join until all slots are filled. Remember, qualifying is a one lap shoot out, there will be no time for practicing and you may be called to go straight out on the track to qualify.

Track conditions

Weather will vary between fine to cloudy. Light rain will feature during one of the races.
Race time - 1200
Time accelerated - x5
Time of year - local late spring

Car setup

Real assists allowed
Fuel tank limit - 60 litres
Tyre wear - x3
Mandatory pit.

Fuel tank will be limited to 60 litres for the whole series. Please set this into your car setup and pit strategy. You may start with up to 60 litres, no more, and refill back up to 60 litres in your pit strategy, no more. You may use less if you wish.

Race dates 2016

Sunday January 31st
Watkins Glen GP
25 Laps

Sunday February 7th
Le Circuit Bugatti
27 Laps

Break Sunday February 14th
Mini Invitational Event
run by frogpro007

Sunday February 21st
26 Laps

Sunday February 28th
Dubai International

Break Sunday February 3rd
Mini Invitational Event
run by frogpro007

Sunday March 13th

Sunday March 20th

20-12-2015, 05:10
count me in should make good racing

06-01-2016, 01:15
Numbers are filling up

11-01-2016, 11:51
There is now only one spot in the championship up for grabs,

23-01-2016, 06:18
Grid full, sign up closed