View Full Version : game crashes with error when playing saved replay post 7.0

19-12-2015, 20:13
Hello guys, I hope you have an answer to this or can direct me to where I can find the information. Soon after updating to 7.0, first thing I did was play a previously saved replay and my game crashed every single time consecutively and then it played after trying about 30 minutes. I have since deleted all in-game saved replays. Now i have saved a game replay post 7.0 and when I went to "view" it, my game crashed. This happenned so many times I lost count until it played by a miracle. I proceeded to save some footage to share factory only to realize I needed one more screen shot off the in-game replay. Well, the same thing happen but this time I have not been able to make it play since it has crashed my game every single time. What can I do? Oh, by the way my game has crashed at least 3 times since the patch while playing the online multiplier.

22-12-2015, 02:44
I guess this is a one-sided conversation. I just can not believe I am the only one with this problem and I was right. At least another person has mentioned having the same issue on one of the threads here I found just by chance while checking other subjects. According to their conversation, it is stated that if you go directly to view a saved replay after just starting the game, it will crash every time. They recommended that you enter one of the game sessions but to get out of the session and then try to view the replay. I will try that tomorrow. For lack of better description, it apparently acts like you have give it time to let the game "process" the saved replay. I am sure of the game developers can understand this or one of the many moderators can finally acknowledge this.

24-12-2015, 18:45
I can report that entering a game session first and leaving rather than trying to view a saved replay right after starting the application, will prevent the application from crashing. In my case, I created a multiplyer lobby and stayed there about 10 seconds and then exited. I then went to "view" a saved replay and it just played. So I guess that will be my routine going forward but why should you? There is something obviously wrong and I am a little displeased that no-one, including moderators, have actually advised in any capacity. I am only trying to help. It did take me over 30 minutes to play a replay so I was certain someone else must have the same issue. Take care and have a nice day everyone.