View Full Version : Danish endurance multiclass race 27-12-2015 20:30 CET

22-12-2015, 13:09
Hi all

Calling any danish guys racing on xbox one...

Come and join us over at www.xboxlife.dk, on 27-12-2015 20:30 CET we are arranging a endurance multiclass race (LMP1, GT3, GT4) on Circiut des 24 heures du Mans, participating players will be grouped together based on a skillrating from earlier races.

According to number of drivers, there will be 3 classes when registered drivers reach 12, fewer than this there will only be 2 classes.
For example by 12 registered drivers, each group will have 4 drivers

LMP1 - highest 4 by skill
GT3 - next 4 by skill
GT4 - lowest 4 by skill

There will be 3 prices, one for the winner of each group (1. piece of 12 months of xboxlive)
In this way, each driver will compete only against others of the same group, and will have a fair chance of getting the price.

Free to enter, you must be a registered user on www.xboxlife.dk and talk danish, join our conversation in this thread and write to me if you want to be added to our homepage which handles each race.


The race will be set up as follows:

30 min qualification
5 min warm-up
2 hours race

4 weather slots, clear, random, light cloud, random, "sync to race"
custom date: 10-06-2016 11:00
time progression: 10x (will simulate approx 25. hours race)
tire wear: 2x
fuel usage: real
flags and penalties: on

force realistic driving aids: on
mechanical failures: off
damage: performance impacting