View Full Version : Why is my Project Cars game restarting on Xbox1?

22-12-2015, 18:21
When I started play Pcars on xbox1 I noticed the odd time the game would stop and flash the Pcars start screen.

Why is that happening? is it just me or anybody else experiencing multiple restarts?

22-12-2015, 18:53
I've had it happen once since the patch during qualifying

kevin kirk
22-12-2015, 20:50
From what I understand the xbox one takes you back to home page when it jumps the gun about thinking a game has crashed.Just what I read when researching it so believe it if you want.I changed my console to power saving mode because of another issue I was having with it and I noticed it doesn't do it near as often.I had problems with it when I was setting up cameras and other things you have to leave tracks to adjust during testing.