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22-12-2015, 17:54
Good afternoon, Let me start off like many do here and say I've played Project Cars from release and love the game even with all the issues it has. I play with a wheel with no assist using manual transmission, but my question is this. I also play Forza 6 and yes the two games are very different. I do prefer Project Cars over FM6 for many reasons I won't get into just so I don't start a rant, but I noticed many times and especially today that in FM6 playing with Manual W/Clutch engaged on a race car you stall every time with out fail at the starting line. There is a thread on their forum about this and I believe its because race cars usually don't use clutches I assume they have launch control. Anyway does this work the same way in Project Cars I haven't tried or know if it's even possible to play this way on Project Cars, but am curious on what you guys think.


PTG Baby Cow
22-12-2015, 19:26
None of the cars I have tested have that poor of gearing where they cant get off the line. Also project cars has built in auto clutch which can be enabled and does not penalize you the way forza does. It is not required to turn it on on the wheel manually. Not sure as i havent really tested but i have heard that it is fastest to drive their cars in natural state tho. If a car has a sequential flappy paddle gearbox turning the auto clutch off is faster etc.