View Full Version : Crashing to xbone dashboard when selecting a car a (added possible problem/solution )

26-12-2015, 19:24
Hey there!

I've been away for a while, but this week i finally had some time to play pcars.
I installed patch 7.0, hard reset, started p.cars. and first thing i tried was; does it crash after 3 times selecting a car in multiplayer...
well unfortunately yes it still does that:( exact every third time i select a car in multiplayer it crashes to xbone dash. This is very annoying because often when i have rebooted the game and select MP, the race i wanted to join has already started.

In case a dev. Is reading this; here's a step by step.
Like i said it ALWAYS happens EXACT every 3rd time i select a car model and livery in MP so there's a pattern.

#First i select a race in the "browse" screen.
#Second i select the "vehicle" button
# in "quick vehicle selection" screen i press Y to go to "my garage",
#in "my garage" i press select car.
#then i select raceclass
#then the car brand i want.
#and when i select the model and livery it crashes to xbox dash.

Whats i think coult be the problem: the game is loading a setup
That is no longer possible after a patch because of changed value limits in the setup.