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28-12-2015, 04:19
Hello there ppls, having a huge problem with this game.

I am using a T80 wheel and pedal set that I used with GT6 no problems, it drives great, and im fast and its enjoyable.

However in Project Cars, i cant even make the first turn out of the pits on the first season clio practice. I cannot even follow a car and brake when it does etc and just follow it, im constantly spinning/locking up brakes/oversteering it feels worse than driving on ice, i mean like MEGA worse. I have been trying for 3 hours to make ONE lap and i cant even get close. I tried watching the AI with the telemetry data going and they are braking at full strength while they are going into the turn and the car is just stable as it can be they feather the throttle very little and flat foot it. I push the brakes in and instantly lock up or just push straight off the track, I cant touch the steering under braking or it just pushes like crazy then snap oversteers upon brake release. Controlling the car with the throttle helps a bit but its like balancing on the end of an ice pick with your sphincter, even when i go slow.

It actually feels like trying to drive my car on ice with hard plastic wheels and a broken steering wheel. I am pretty good at other racing games, and have some dirt track racing experience, and obviously drive everyday this game is completely blowing my mind. Any tips?

I have adjusted sensitivity settings in the game up and down and i can make it slightly better but it never feels "right" always completely unrealistic, like I enter a corner feeling very very very slow, only to push off of the track like i have zero grip.

Is the t80 THAT bad? Or is this going to be an impossible game for me to play? I have never experienced anything like this in any game I have ever played. I cant even crawl around the track in 3rd and 2nd gear for gods sake without spinning sliding off.

28-12-2015, 05:01
First one or two laps (depending on how you drive) the tires and brakes are cold.
So if you restart each time, you will encounter this problem over and over again.
If this is the case: wait until they are on working temperature before pushing (this is no Arcade game).
AI is not (or less) affected, which makes first corner in the race a bit hairy.
If you have trouble getting tires on temp, try lowering tire pressure (after the last Patch this is a bit wrong, but SMS is working on this issue).

For the wheel: make sure you have your FFB settings right (lots of topics around here). If these are off, your wheel will never feel 'right'. Moving only one slider a few 'clicks' can make your FFB feel a lot worse or a lot better.

But if you can't crawl around the tracks at lower speeds, you may have other issues.
For starters: forget about GT or other more arcade'ish games, welcome to simulators.

Edit: I just realised that your T80 has no FFB, do forget about that part.
So check in game calibration of your wheel and pedals

28-12-2015, 05:07
Make sure you calibrate pedals before you start game, start back at stock settings work on brake first, 50 wheel sensitiveity should be fine lower brake pressure, but it sounds like your not calibrating you pedals before you start the game. That will screw the hole corner up and try jack spade settings check the baseline thread too good stuff to getting your wheel just right .

28-12-2015, 07:13
I calibrated everything, before I started playing, tried re-calibrating multiple times since as well. Maybe its just me, but like i said, i cant even crawl around the track slowly without losing grip. It is like every input I make is either 100 or zero, almost like trying to drive with an old dpad controller.

Im just finding this almost impossible to drive *note* i did not say drive FAST, just to simply make it around the track i am finding it impossible. I will probably buy those snazzy pedals from Thrustmaster and a new wheel, because most of my problems do seem to derive from my pedals not being able to adjust my speed feathery enough braking mainly, the throttle does seem to come on quite abruptly even when sitting in Neutral and just slowly pressing the throttle, it seems to hit a point and instead of being a linear increase, it has a huge jump in the middle of the pedal, on both the throttle and brake.

What im not getting is that i can literally drive highway on snow and ice covered roads where i live and am able to negotiate the roads just fine, this game is harder than driving on re-frozen ice melt with my setup, hopefully I will figure something out, maybe a proper FFB wheel and pedal setup will help.

Thank you for the tips.

Even calibrated, i can move both of the pedals 1/4 of their depression range or so before the game even registers them while in car, sort of like a dead zone. But i have no dead zone setup.

28-12-2015, 07:20
I think you found the problem yourself then: faulty hardware.
Are you on PC (like your profile says) or console ?

John Hargreaves
28-12-2015, 08:23
It does sound odd, and the way you describe it sounds very 'digital', fully on or off. The controller preset isn't on something other than your t80 is it?

Try a 3 lap quick race in the Ginetta G40 with one AI at 50%, enable abs and just follow them round (on a track you know if possible). That will give you heated tyres and is one of the most stable cars in the game, so if that goes wrong the issue is definitely with the controller not your driving. The replay may also give you evidence of what is going on.

Keep us posted I'm sure it can be sorted

28-12-2015, 09:43
In regards to the pedal DZ, in the settings there's a DZ removal slider. What, if anything, does it do if you set both throttle and accelerator to zero DZ or maybe 1~2% ? It may also help if you set the sensitivity for the pedal calibration lower ?
I used to have accelerator and brake sensitivity set to 75% but constantly had lock up and spin out issues. After setting both to 45% my problems are nearly fixed. Some of the lighter cars need less sensitivity, heavier ones, a bit higher. Even though your wheel isn't a FFB, it may be worth going into the global settings and calibrating it like one (if it's possible that is) ?

28-12-2015, 18:09
I set throttle and brake sensitivity way low, like 20% and it got better, but still has a very spikey curve, nothing for about 1/4 of the pedal then a quick spike followed by a nice slow increase after the spike.

Even with dead zones to 0% there it still a large deadzone in the pedals.

Conclusion= my equipment is not performing properly.

Going to get a better setup soon as i can and go from there.

Thanks for all the help.

John Hargreaves
28-12-2015, 19:47
How old is your wheel? if you've had it a while there may be fluff and dust in the pedal innards, I've had that a couple of times over the years with my G25.

28-12-2015, 22:42
Try driving time trial were the tyres are already up to temperature and see if it you can get a lap in , if so it was because of cold tyres .
SMS will hopefully rectify the tyre heating issues next patch .

28-12-2015, 22:42
On ps4 , not pc. And wheel is several years old.

28-12-2015, 22:48
On ps4 , not pc. And wheel is several years old.

Does the T80 even have FFB? I thought it was just a bungee cord for centering/tension.

28-12-2015, 23:11
Does the T80 even have FFB? I thought it was just a bungee cord for centering/tension.

No ffb on that wheel at all. Im beginning to think its uber crapola.

28-12-2015, 23:54
Hi, regards the Clio and tyre heating, as has been mentioned already there is a slight issue with tyre heating in general at the moment and the Clio appears to be the worst affected. In FP and Quali it is nigh on impossible to heat the rear tyres and the handling is as you describe. This is solved at the start of the race when you start with pre heated tyres and then the oversteer comes in as the rear temps drop away.

Edit: Of course, if you're having issue with your wheel too, that could account for some of your problem.

29-12-2015, 02:33
It's the Clio, pretty much not driveable since 7.0. the Tires get colder and worse instead of heating up.