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29-12-2015, 00:45
Apologies in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong place. If so, feel free to redirect me.

So I just started the "Career Mode" and I'm a little confused. I went to the first "day" and there were four possible events. I chose the first one, did the practice, qualifying, then race. Now it seems to have advanced the calendar to the next month and I can't get back to run the other 3 events.

I think I get that the game is trying to simulate a real racing career, with a calendar, etc., but how do I go back and try the other races on the other tracks? :)

Thanks and sorry if this is a stupid question.

29-12-2015, 05:46
Hi there

You can only participate in events that you have a signed contract with, as per real life. (A WEC driver can't just turn up to a NASCAR race and join in) :)
When you complete the championship in your current discipline, you may be offered new contracts in new disciplines. Those other races will run again and again each season until you're eventually contracted in it.

Your options include:
Create multiple concurrent Careers by selecting New from the main menu.
Replicate the event you wish to take part in Quick Race Weekend.

29-12-2015, 16:00
It wasn't really that I wasn't eligible. It was just that I had 3 races to choose from - the UK Rookie, US Rookie or German Rookie events. What I didn't realize then, but I guess makes sense in retrospect, is that I really had to choose one and only one event. So I guess the only way to run the others is, as you said, to have different careers with different personas.

30-12-2015, 13:21
You can pick another one next calendar year in your career. :)

30-12-2015, 17:32
You can pick another one next calendar year in your career. :)

Ahhh!! Now this is beginning to make more sense! Thanks! :)