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29-12-2015, 09:30
http://i66.tinypic.com/2n1vte9.png (http://www.kineticignition.com)
''Good, clean, well organized regular racing with courteous drivers of all abilities'' - Ceolmor
''Lots of great drivers who attend and a wide range of skill levels. Definitely worth spending time on! '' - Master Corruptor
''I've had an absolute blast racing with like-minded people, and made some great friends that will go out of their way to help others'' - Jon Hallett

What do we do?
:star: Organizing races for Project CARS, GRID Autosport and Assetto Corsa (upcoming) :star:
:star:: League races almost every day of the week :star:
:star: Multi-class races + single-class races :star:
:star: Race stewards will warrant the quality of our races :star:
:star: Teamspeak 3 + Dedicated server for all races :star:

http://i66.tinypic.com/51ptuw.png (http://www.kineticignition.com)

Ignition Racing is purposed with hosting events, both casual and semi-competitive, for gamers worldwide. As a tight-knit community, we value clean online racing and we do so in organized leagues. We were formed only several months ago, however, we have made rapid progress and races with an attendance of 20+ drivers have become a regular occurrence.

Ignition Racing is NOT an uber-competitive group in which winning is the only thing that counts. Although most of us love to win races, we have an extreme diversity of skill levels so just about anyone should feel at home with us.

Project CARS League Schedule

On Tuesdays at 20:00 GMT - Starting 12 January
http://i64.tinypic.com/169qptf.png["]http://i64.tinypic.com/169qptf.png (www.kineticignition.com/gt3-series)

On Thursdays at 19:30GMT - Started 3 December
DTM Series (http://www.kineticignition.com/dtm)

On Fridays at 18:30 GMT - Started 4 December
LMP3 Championship (http://www.kineticignition.com/lmp3)

On the agenda: ''GT4 x LMP2 Mixup'', Renault Trophy Megane, Radicals, Formula 1000 Gulf, Ginetta Junior, and more!

No crazy membership plan required to join our events; in fact, we do not even have one of those! We welcome everyone that wants to join our leagues. To join, all you have to do is follow the links and fill in the ''Sign-up / Register'' form.

Ignition Racing Team

Administrators[I] - DaBeastKing, Party Magician, Vitesse
Website Management - Vitesse
GFX Artist - Party Magician
Project CARS Leagues - Party Magician, Vitesse, Justabit_Ginger
GRID Autosport Leagues - DaBeastKing

Are you interested by all of this, and would you like to be part of a group where your opinion matters? Then don't hesitate and check out our group at www.kineticignition.com !

29-12-2015, 09:34

29-12-2015, 10:45
I've been a member since September and love it. Good clean competitive racing with a great bunch of guys. I can recommend this league without hesitation. There are many events to suit all tastes, why don't you come and join us?

29-12-2015, 12:10
Have been driving with Ignition Racing since the first GT3 tournament. Lot's of great drivers who attend and a wide range of skill levels. Definately worth spending time on!

29-12-2015, 14:14
If you’re fed up with hit and miss online lobbies, then join Ignition Racing. Good, clean, well organised regular racing with courteous drivers of all abilities. I joined recently (my first league) and now I’m hooked.

Jon Hallett
29-12-2015, 18:34
I must put in a good word about ignition racing, Vitesse puts in a great deal of effort to make all this happen, there's multiple leagues on-going as well as special one off events. Ive been lucky enough to participate in several seasons and they have been great fun, and extremely challenging.

From my own experience the driving skills range from the absolute beginner, looking to start off and build on his racing knowledge, learning how to practice and participate in how to race clean and competitively with other drivers around them. To the more seasoned pro's who want good clean racing fun that's very engaging and above all fair.
Ive had an absolute blast racing with like minded people, made some great friends that will go out of there to help others, weather its just knowledge of the tracks of even car setups, everyone is very helpful and understanding.

I cannot recommend this group enough, if you have ever wondered whats it like to race in a well organized league, please don't hesitate, and give it a try....u may even enjoy it!! :D

29-12-2015, 22:13
Good races! +1 for Ignition Racing

01-01-2016, 23:00
Just a heads up for everyone: the GT3 Championship (starting 12 Jan.) has received a massive amount of sign-ups so far (37 drivers!). To ensure that we won't have a lack of lobby slots for races, there will be a limit of 42 sign-ups: anyone who registers after this, will be put on a reserve-driver list. Reserve-drivers will only be invited to races if the lobby doesn't get filled by the permanent drivers.

Thanks for everyone who took their time to sign-up for this league, and let's hope we can turn this into something spectacular! :)

03-01-2016, 11:13
This is great news Vitesse, let's hope it's the best series yet.

04-01-2016, 21:58
Due to the high number of registered drivers I decided that instead of the top 12 drivers, now the top 16 drivers each race will be earning points (1 upward to 30 points). This should help motivate the ''slower'' drivers to keep fighting over positions so that they can earn points.

12-01-2016, 23:56
Due to Steam server messup, today's race is cancelled. Instead, we will do the Nürburgring GP race next week, and all other races on the schedule will be moved one week later.

13-01-2016, 00:14
Excellent news thanks. I found myself in the pit garage instead of the start-line when the race began, and unable to get out!!

13-01-2016, 01:58
After some investigation, I found out that the most likely culprit to this whole situation is not the Steam server or the dedicated server I use for the league races, but rather the strong interdependency (bad-coding) between Project CARS and Steam meaning that disconnects occur regularly. It doesn't really seem to be linked with the # of players, and it can happen at any day at any time. Because there's just no way to really deal with this, we've really hit a problem here with our league. It could easily happen to us a second and third time, so I had to come up with the following solution:

Each race session in the future will be organized as normal: practice -> qualification -> ~45 mins. of racing. If however, the race itself has to be aborted due to a disconnect, we will try to figure out how everyone was ranked before the disconnect. Then, we host a new session with a minimal amount of qualification (5-10min.) and we do the remaining laps. Then, we combine results of both races in a way that makes sense (e.g. if race 1 was 10 laps, and race 2 was 20, race 1 will acount for only 33%)

I know this is far from ideal, and that it sucks being thrown out of a great race (in which you may have had a big lead) and having to start from the grid again. However, Im reading and hearing a lot of stories about other league groups in PCars that are experiencing the exact same thing, and it doesn't seem like it's fixable for us. This solution should at least ensure that we will be able to reasonably continue our own league, as honestly what happened today is not really an option for this problem.